Monday, May 01, 2006

Filming on Ben MacDhui

On April 30th some of us spent the night camped in the snow, about 20 metres below the summit of Ben MacDhui.

On the way up, we filmed from Lurchers Crag, the precipitous cliffs flanking the Aviemore end of the Larig Ghru.

Good conditions on ascent, through increasing snow cover. By early evening we had the mountain to ourselves, and as darkness fell, cloud descended and the wind picked up.

Hunkered down in one tent, the team had a drum up, and listened as 25mph gusts battered the tent. Brief forays outside saw considerable icing. A foot of snow fell overnight.

Aiming to be up to film the May Day dawn, heads out the tent around 4am saw nothing but a howling grey clag, so we gave it a miss and got back in the sleeping bags.

Walked out in a heavy mist, good navigation required, you'd lose sight of each other within 30 feet at times. Easy to imagine getting lost, being alone up there, seeing shadows in the freezing fog.