The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui. Sightings.

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Something 'supernatural'
Posted by Chris
"Just last month we were on a wild camp high on the Cairngorm plateau. Didn't sleep particularly well (quite windy) and at one point when I was awake I could hear voices very clearly. Two male voices, quite chirpy but no words were distinguishable.

I was compus mentis enough to realise it had to be the wind and my imagination playing tricks on me but still it was quite eerie.

Very easy to see now how people can come away from such trips convinced they've experienced something 'supernatural'."

A little shiver
Posted by Peter
"I was standing alone outside Corrour Bothy at night, middle of winter, leaning up against the wall near the window having a smoke, and looking out into the snowy darkness.

Out of the corner of my eye, over to the left towards the stream, I caught a glimpse of a tall grey figure. At first I thought it was one of our party, although all of them were inside the bothy. Turned to look properly and couldn't see anyone.

Probably just suggestion, a suggestible mind playing tricks in the half-light, but it had me give a little shiver, quickly finish my smoke and head back in for warmth and company."